Tatu-girl found out the sex of her baby

Time of publication: 05.07.2004 (16:53)
The singer from the duo Tatu, Julia Volkova, started to frequently visit a specialized gynecology clinic recently. A reminder, the young lady is preparing to become a mother this year. According to the tests, the pregnancy is going normally, but the doctors needed the results from an ultra-sound screening as well.

Previously Julia intentionally didn’t want to undergo ultra-sound screening, explaining that she didn’t want to know the sex of the baby. But the doctors insisted, since they were concerned about the rapid increase in her belly size and weight gain. The clinic didn’t not exclude the option that Julia might be carrying twins.

But the ultra-sound results should only one fetus, no abnormalities were spotted, and it is most likely a girl. This is not for certain yet, but the doctors promised a confirmation during Julia’s next visit, reports “Zhyzn”.

According to the manager of group Tatu, Sasha Tityanko, the future mom is feeling fine. Although no one expects much of her during reharsals, even though Julia herself is “all for it”. The young lady is not singing in her full voice, and the time of her reharsals is shorter then usual.

In July Tatu-girls are flying to London to record their new album. Then they’ll return to Russian to continue with the reharsals. Julia’s maternity leave will start two weeks before the delivery, after the delivery she’ll have to return to work on the album and the new music video.

This is what Sasha Tityanko said about Julia: "What I admire the most is that Julia didn’t change at all. We all know that pregnant women undergo a change in character, becoming more caprice and unpredictable. None of this happened with Julia. Only that, maybe, she gets tired more often – but her tummy is not small, you have to take that into account".

Source: Dni.Ru
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