Tatu-girl Julia has Health Problems

Time of publication: 12.07.2004 (15:58)
One of the singers from group Tatu, Julia Volkova, felt very unwell the night through Friday to Saturday. The girl suddenly felt severe pains in her abdomen and in her back. This couldn’t not have passed unnoticed by Julia’s mother, since it is known that such symptoms may lead to premature birth.

Worried, Tatu-girl’s mother phoned the head doctor of the Family Planning Center, Mark Kurtser, and told him about her daughter’s condition. The doctor recommended her to bring Julia to the clinic for observation immediately.

After going through the proper procedures, the doctor’s came to an alarming conclusion: the premature delivery is possible. Julia has been pregnant for a long while already (30 weeks), and the baby born at this point in pregnancy can survive, given that she is properly looked after. But the doctor’s, of course, did everything they could to keep the pregnancy stable.

Julia Volkova was given strong drugs, and she felt better. The young woman was transported into a VIP room, and calmed down. "Don’t worry. Your daughter is very active, just like her mom. Wants to see the world before her time. But we’ll try to “convince” her to stay where she is and gain some weight and strength first", nurses told Julia.

Julia was threatened with a miscarriage a month ago. It was settled with at-home treatment. But Mark Kurtser recommended Julia to take it easy: reduce her work in the studio, and avoid rehearsals. But being a workaholic, Julia didn’t refuse work. And the result is less then desired. Now Julia will have to undergo a full course of treatment.

Julia is visited in her room by her mother, Larisa Viktorovna, and the father of the baby, Pavel Sidorov. And on Sunday the girl was visited by the new producer of the group, Boris Rensky. He really wanted Julia to resume her work on the new album. But Julia’s parents made their decision: Julia will only resume her work after the birth of the baby. Thus, the recording of the album was indefinitely postponed.

Source: Dni.Ru
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