A new Tatu-girl was found for Lena Katina

Time of publication: 30.07.2004 (22:13)
On Thursday, group Tatu, which was left without a producer, has undergone another changes. While Yulia Volkova is enjoying all benefits of the future maternity, another Tatu-girl – Lena Katina is preparing a new music project. She’s doing it not alone but with a new partner – a young singer Rina Rock.

As a KP-reporter was informed, after the break up of Tatu with their producer Ivan Shapovalov, the group’s business went in a lousy way. To all this, you can hardly wait any activity from Yulia Volkova in the nearest future. Because of this, the family council of the Katins’ decided that the Tatu-girl’s father Serguey Katin would get busy with the producer’s activity. In the music circles, Katin is known as a producer and the author of hits of group Duna, Larisa Dolina and another stars. Lena and her father have already went through a whole deal of the audio material but didn’t decide the main concept of the new group. They don’t exclude the possibility of forming a duo with the new hopeful singer Rina Rock.

Lena is happy that she will sing with a new Tatu-girlfriend.
- Lena and Rina look well together, - said Serguey Katin. – As for their vocal compatibility, they are complementary to each other in rather a good way.
Serguey couldn’t comment on the future carrier of Yulia and Lena as Tatu.
- I don’t know how the things will between me and Rina, but in any case, I wish her all the best, - said Lena Katina. – I’m happy that the destiny brought us together.

From KP’s dossier:
Rina Rock is an artist name of Marina Cheburashkina. She was born in Moscow, on October, 8, 1980. Her parents are judges. She’s a rock-singer. There is the reason of her artist name. The girl always felt miserable because of her original surname Cheburashkina.

Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia.
Translation: Team
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