Tatu-girl Lena came to her senses

Time of publication: 12.08.2004 (17:12)
While one of the Tatu singers – Yula Volkova is about to become a mother, the other one – Lena Katina got seriously busy with her studies. Because of the tough concerts schedule, Lena missed lectures in the Moscow Humanitarian University, so she was sent down. Nevertheless, Miss Katina managed to convince the University Administration to take her back.

During the summer, Katina got around not only to get some work done in the studio, but to read the school books too. The Tatu-girl succeeded to improve in all compulsory subjects and pass all the exams, as Zhizn reports.

When Katina was sent down, she was a student of the second year of the psychology class. Now, thanks to her own persistence, the Tatu-girl was allowed to her third year.

Having had solved all the problems with her studies, Lena planned a smaller vacation. Together with her friend Andrey, Lena is going to Tunisia.

Source:, Russia
Translation : Team
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