Duo Tatu will remain without Yulia Volkova until October

Time of publication: 25.08.2004 (21:16)
Group Tatu continues to work on the second album. It is true that because of the pregnancy complications of the singer Yulia Volkova the recording is going much more slowly than planned. In particular, the group has cancelled their trip to London studios. Because of the risk of a miscarriage, doctors have forbidden Yulia Volkova not only to fly, but also to have any kind of physical activity. That leaves only Lena Katina who is now recording alone the demos of the new songs. Tatu's press attache Alexandra Tityanko told the correspondent of InterMedia that the creative team already has enough compositions to complete the second album. The demos of five new songs written by Sergey Galoyan have been recorded recently. Two compositions were offered by Guy Chambers who has worked with Robbie Williams. One more thing was initially offered to group Pet Shop Boys, but then has been given to Tatu. "It's a good song, we connected to it", Ms. Tityanko comments. It is to be noted that the second album will most likely be released in English first - the activity of western authors is due to the pressure of the label Interscope which is interested in a rapid release of Tatu's next album. A Russian version of the album will also appear - the translations will probably be done by Valery Polienko. Tatu's management is hoping that Yulia Volkova will return to work in October. According to the doctors, she will give birth in September, and if everything is fine, a month later she should start working in the studios to record her vocal parts. The new version of Tatu's web site should be launched soon. Alexandra Tityanko has also commented on the rumors that appeared in the press about a change in the members of group Tatu and the possible rapid marriage of Lena Katina. According to the press attache, "The void of information caused by the period of inactivity in the life of group Tatu is filling itself". The information that Yulia Volkova could be replaced in Tatu by singer Rina Rok is related to the fact that Rina's producer is Sergey Katin (writer, father of Lena Katina), and is not related to reality. And Lena is not thinking about marriage yet.

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