Tatugirl and daughter prepare to leave

Time of publication: 28.09.2004 (09:01)
We already wrote that Yulia Volkova became a mom on Thursday morning. The baby's father Pavel Sidorov spends several hours every day in the Center of family planning where Yulia and their daughter are resting. They are in a private room for VIP. On Sunday he was on time as usual. Visit hours for relatives start at 16:00. Pasha arrived in his Brabus at 16:10. Yulia's dad Oleg Viktorovich arrived one hour and a half later accompanied by the second Tatugirl Lena Katina. Lena was delighted by her friend's baby and is seriously thinking about bearing one herself. Daddy Pasha left his beloved Yulia on Sunday around seven in the evening. Yulia's dad and Lena Katina left the young mom after eight. It's no wonder that Pasha Sidorov can only admire his baby girl, at the moment she looks exactly like him: fair hair and clear eyes.

Early yesterday the young mom started to be prepared for her release. The head physician of the center Mark Kurtser who is back from vacation has studied the medical documents and records. Everything is all right with Yulia's health and her daughter, there are no complications or worries. In reality, Yulia Volkova is a little weak. But the mom and her daughter will be better at home.

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