Tatu continue their work at the second album

Time of publication: 09.11.2004 (14:08)
Tatu go on to work at their second album making demo-recordings in one of the Moscow recording studios. As group’s press manager Alexandra Tityanko told to the InterMedia reporter, the material for the Russian and English versions of the album is practically ready, except lyrics for two-tree songs, that are left to be written. According to more specific information, the final vocal recording will be probably done in Los Angeles. The date is not known as Yulia is not ready yet to leave her two-months old daughter for a longer time. The baby-girl was named Viktoria as Yulia has been dreaming to give such a name to her future child since her own childhood. According to Miss Tityanko, the new songs won’t get any air play now. It’s thought to finish all recording of the new material and only then to choose which song can be released as their first single, their second one and so on.

On November, 10, Tatu will leave for London to take part in the charity concert to celebrate 25 years of Trevor Horn’s producing activity. The show will take place on November, 11, at Wembley Arena and will feature tens of another artists produced by Trevor Horn, who had his touch on the group’s sensational album 200 km/h The Wrong Lane.

Source: (by material of InterMedia, Russia)
Translation: Team
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