"Tatu" flew to London

Time of publication: 12.11.2004 (00:36)
Yesterday Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina flew to London for their first concert after a long silence.

The trip to London of the Tatugirls was kept strictly secret. Maybe because it was not absolutely certain that new mommy Yulia Volkova could go back on stage so soon. Well, she could! Actually, according to reliable sources, the girl will rest again after the concert.

Tatugirls arrived to take a morning flight and immediately rushed to a VIP room. Explaining that they were in a bad mood, they refused to be photographed. The public was not impressed by their appearance, they were dressed modestly. Lena was wearing jeans and a dark sweater, and Yulia a light jacket. Lena's red curly hair has not only been shortened and straightened, but also no longer has any trace of blondness. Her darkhaired band partner Yulia Volkova has become blond.

As Tatu's managers admitted to KP, Yulia got bored of her black hair she's had for such a long time and has changed her hair color. The Image of the girls will also change but it's not known yet how exactly. Their concert outfits should remain the same for now.

Neither their relatives or boyfriends appeared at the airport. Actually, Lena Katina got a call on her mobile phone from her boyfriend Andrey who was asking her if she had taken everything. Lena was rather nervous and while checking her things she found out a valentine (card?) in her jacket.

"He's so romantic with me." Lena sighed while examining the object.

The girls only had light luggage, proof that their visit to London will be short. Except for their performance in the charity concert in Wembley dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the career of the demigod of the western music industry Trevor Horn (he contributed to the success of albums from Rod Steward, Paul Mc Cartney, Tom Jones, Cher and others), the girls have nothing planned.

But if Yulia has a good feeling, the singers may work in a recording studio. It's planned. In fact Yulia is worried to leave her baby daughter Vika to the care of her mum and a nurse for a long time. And Lena is waited at home by her loved one.

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