London – the fans didn’t recognise Tatu

Time of publication: 13.11.2004 (19:59)
Tatu celebrated 25 years of Trevor Horn’s producing activity, by performing at the charity concert of Prince’s Trust, on November 11. Among the artist, having taken part in this concerts, were Pet Shop Boys, Seal, Lisa Standfield, Grace Jones, Propaganda, Yes. Yulia and Lena sang their their world-wide hit “All The Things She Said”, from their debute album «200 km/h In A Wrong Lane», which was produced by Trevor Horn.

Because of somewhat changed style of the Tatu’s singers, their English fans, that especially attended this concert to witness their idols on stage again, couldn’t believe their own eyes. “I really didn't reconise them! I honestly thought it was some kind of joke. It looked like someone trying to impersionate Tatu, badley! Badley as in image not in singing. They sounded liveish to me.”, says Deborah, who has been following Tatu’s career for several years now.

While being in London, Yulia and Lena met Prince Charles and even had a brief conversation with him. What were they speaking about? Yulia and Lena didn’t tell us about that.

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