t.A.T.u. visited the presentation of the new album from Smash!!

Time of publication: 05.12.2004 (10:27)
The presentation of the new album of the band Smash!! Took place on the 1st of December in the club “Molodaya Gvardiya”. The disk was recorded, as the musicians said, in “3 countries of the world: London, Moscow, Sweden and USA”. Mostly the press was on the presentation, so when Smash!!boys asked to “screech”, the reaction was weak. Maybe because everyone got tied in the waiting: the concert, which had to begin at 8 pm, started only at 9.30 pm. 3 clips of Smash!! and their interview to some Russian musical channel (in this interview guys were conspicuous by their knowledge of English) were broadcasting during hour and a half on the screen of the hall of “Molodaya Gvardiya”. The concert was perfectly thought over. Even the flag with the emblem Smash!! was brought to the scene by special dressed people. The texts of appeal to the public reminded like those fragments from “War and peace” that were industriously learned by pupils; and at the moments when improvisation started, it was very hard to understand something. For example, when the band t.A.T.u. came to the guys on the scene, some discussion of some questions began, which was stopped by shrill scream of Yulia Volkova: “We came to drink, but there is no food”, after this Smash!! decided to sing next song from the new album. In this moment musicians saw Philipp Kirkorov in the hall and began thanking him “for everything”- it lasted for 10 minutes. Philipp came with two bid bunches of red roses and, strangely smiling, gave them to the guys. In spite of interference of the guests, Smash!! went on their programme: the quarter of their songs from new album, and promised to sing all the songs on the nearest concert. At the end the song “Faith” was sung, which is already a hit. Before going from the scene “the male variant of the band t.A.T.u.”, how Yulia Volkova called the guys, chose the winners of the contest of hair-style
Which was right in the hall. (by materials of InterMedia)
Translated by belissa
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