A rival has appeared for the boyfriend of redheaded Tatugrl Lena

Time of publication: 12.12.2004 (17:33)
It seems that in the near future the relationship between Lena Katina and her fiance Andrey will take a new form - a love triangle. Recently Katina appeared to a party in the capital accompanied by a tall fair-haired guy, somewhat similar to her boyfriend Andrey. While Lena was greeting the guests near the stage and whispering sadly to her Tatu partner Yulia Volkova, KP decided to get acquainted with her escort. The young man turned out to be Sergey.

Like Andrey (Lena Katina's "official" fiance), he is a law student. He was unable to explain to us what exactly his relation is with the Tatugirl, but our assumption that he was only a friend for Lena was denied. Sergey talked longly about how he and Katina totally understand each other, about what an amazing girl Lena is, while trying assiduously to hide from cameras. Realizing that her escort had become the interest of journalists, Lena called him with her mobile phone and asked him to go to a more secluded place. A few minutes after ten she appeared there too. Hidden from strangers' eyes on a remote sofa, the couple spent half an hour in "tete-a-tete". Then Sergey left the night club, and Lena remained for about an hour.

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