Santa Clause robbed Tatu-girl’s apartment

Time of publication: 09.01.2005 (17:19)
While Lena Katina spent her Orthodox Chritmas holidays with her boyfriend and friends on Moscow city outskirts, her parent’s apartment was robbed. The elder Katin and his wife were visiting their friends in Krakov at the time.

”The news about the robbery could not have come at a worse time,” says musician Sergey Katin. “I was shopping, buying presents. And then my neighbors called and said that my apartment was robbed.”

The neighbors said that they saw a man dressed as a Santa Clause standing outside Katin’s apartment.

Somebody most likely scared the thief, since the brand new computer hasn’t been touched. But he stole the microwave, music centre and some food from the refrigerator.

Sergey Katin said that the everyday appliances were the least of his concerns; besides it, the thief took some rare vinyl records and a disc with demo versions of songs for Lena’s solo album. So this doesn't look like a banal theft, but rather like showbiz espionage.

Source: KP
Translation by katbeidar (Thanks to haku for a few sentences.)
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