Tatu-girl has lost her voice

Time of publication: 28.03.2005 (19:55)
The singer of the scandalous duo Tatu Yulia Volkova recently lost her voice. That's not the first time. The thing is that Yulia has often to almost scream the lyrics of the songs out and the vocal cords don’t hold the tension.

During the recording of the song "Vsya Moya Lubov", Yulia had literally to scream a few parts in a row, as "Zhizn" reports. After that, the girl almost lost her voice and that could jeopardise the recording of the second album.

Producer of the group Boris Rensky had to ask for help his friends in the Village Studios. Rensky was recommended to take Yulia to one of the best voice coaches Ron Anderson, who had worked with Kylie Minoug and Bjork, and lately is working with the famous artist Justin Timberlake.

Anderson has set up a special programme for Yulia. During the nearest two months, Yulia will be doing special exercises, that should help her to get her vocal cords recovered.

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