The deputy courts the tatugirl

Time of publication: 28.04.2005 (14:21)
The singer of scandalous duet TATU, Yulia Volkova, recently visited the party on the occasion of the presentation of new women’s journal. The deputy of the State Duma, Alexey Mitrofanov, paid his attention to her.

Alexey Valentinovich kissed the girl and invited her to take a seat at his table, writes the newspaper "Zhizn". Discussing with Yulia the last news, the deputy suggested the girl to spend the evening with him. "Will you make a company to me today? Let me order fruit to you? Maybe you want wine or something sweet?"- asked Mitrofanov. Volkova dismissed him respectfully and told him about the last trip to the USA, where TATU tried to record an album.

"We spent more than a month in L.A., recording the album, acquiring a tan, and Lena even became one big freckle", - told Yulia. However it was too boring with Mitrofanov to Yulia, that's why she spent the rest of the evening with young man, Anton.

Translated by belissa.
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