"People - Invalids" - is the new title for the Tatu's upcoming album

Time of publication: 05.05.2005 (23:30)
"People - invalids" is not only the name of one of the tracks of Tatu's new album, but also ... the name of album in itself, which was recently selected by the group.

"People - invalids" will not simply be the provocative album of two disobedient teen-agers that were not afraid of the words of truth, and true but sometimes momentarily emotions (as it was in the previous album).

Yulia and Lena grew instantly up and they understood a lot - about themselves, and about the world around them. It turned out that there are so many things around those we could be related to and not only to be observed then from a distance, as many people do through their entire life. Those things are wanted to be sung about, not only this - they need to be sung of! Tatu will sing about such things in their new album "Person- invalids".

There's about a three-weeks studio work remains on the second album. Track lists for the Russian and English-language versions of album are finished to 90%. They will considerably differ from each other, which depends on the translation of songs into English and vice versa.

Album is interesting, fresh, "tasty" and a lot different from the previous Tatu work.
Now, Yulia and Lena are fine finishing the material of the album. Note lines and track lists for the albums will be worked on in the beginning of June. The release of album, as we know, is planned for the nearest autumn.

From the moment of the beginning of album recording - on 17 January - there have more than three months passed, and during this time The Village studio became for Yulia and Lena their second home apart from hotel Fairmont Miramar, Santa Monica. Unfortunately, the king-size bed in the studio is absent, and it's a pity: singers gave 100% of themselves in the studio, and sometimes there was no more power left to reach the hotel room. By the way, in spite of the fact that Yulia and Lena have a full right to live in separate rooms, they ignore it and prefer to stay together.

They are friends. They support each other, although their free time shcedules are different. Lena spends her free time in the company of the greatest (i.e. – she reads books), and Yulia in the company of her American friends and recently bought Macintosh Power-book - fellow of all creative souls of the world. All mortal users of the Windows platform are left with their envy: Yulia uses all advantages of the progressive Mac platform, which is quick, classy, bugs-free. Now the pulse of the world is under her fingertips 24/7 - as Americans say. The most stressful stage of the recording is already behind, therefore a pair of weeks ago, Tatu made a one-week break in their "American" life and dove in the Moscow spring. In spite of a cosmopolitic charachter of their artistry, the girls miss Moscow, which remains the dearest city for them.

Yulia flew back to LA already on April, 27, while Lena joined her several days later. It is necessary to finish the recording. Fans are waiting for the album!

P.S. Now, when their schedule is not that crazy, the girls remembered of the diaries. Read soon the impressions from the recording of the new album!

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