Tatu have returned!

Time of publication: 05.06.2005 (00:51)
On June 3, 2005, the most significant event in the Russian show business took place in Olympiysky Arena – a ceremony of the third annual National Muz-TV Awards. This ceremony is considered to be the most distinguished award in the Russian pop-music. This event is long awaited not only by professionals but by the wide Russian TV audience too.

This year, Tatu weren't among the nominees but they were invited as special guest artists and appeared as the main intrigue of the show. Everyone was waiting for Tatu's come back and it happened!

Lena and Yulia presented to the audience their new song Obezianka-Nol, which raised a huge interest and a vivid discussion among their fans. Apart from it, the audience was granted with a new instrumental remix of All The Things She Said.

According to the official sources, Lena and Yulia had initially planned to perform two new compositions at the ceremony - Obezianka-Nol and Lyudi-Invalidy but it appeared that the latter one hasn't been recorded yet. The girls are returning to Los Angeles soon to complete the recording of their new album.

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