Tatu surprised the journalists again

Time of publication: 06.06.2005 (16:41)
Having had performed at the National Muz-Tv 2005 Awards ceremony, group Tatu, as they had promised, prepared a surprise. Russian media paid this time special attention to not only the unique lyrics of Obezyanka-Nol' song but the chosen scene outfits too.

National Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda declared, that the female singers were worth to be watched rather than to be listened to. Unluckily, they had to state that even striptease didn't help Tatu.

Another on-line edition was close to loose its mind because of the song. "…grandmas climbed down the attached to the tower stairs and began to sing a song… no, you won't believe this… I swear! I don't lie! A song about the MONKEYS!" – wrote the accredited for the ceremony journalist, where she added, "I thought, I was loosing my mind."

Despite the fact that Russian media was enough critical towards the performance of the most famous outside the country Russian group, many fans appreciated their favourite artists coming back on a big stage.

Source: (by materials of the Russian media)
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