Lena Katina has departed to Los Angeles

Time of publication: 09.06.2005 (22:35)
The singer of Tatu parted with her lover for the entire summer yesterday

Yesterday, red-hair singer of Tatu has departed to Los Angeles to record a new album of the group. Our correspondents saw the girl off for a long journey...

The flight which would fly Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova to America was delayed by four hours. Lena got to know it only in Sheremetevo-2 (International airport in Moscow, rem. She decided not to travel back home and then to the airport again through the Moscow traffic jam but remained to wait in the VIP-room. Yulia, on her part, decided to fly there in two days.

Lena preferred to say goodbye to parents at home and took a representative young man with her to the airport instead... After thirty minutes of doing nothing young people decided to get something to eat in the American restaurant "TGI Fridays" right at the airport.
The singer recently removed stones from gall bladder, but it did not make her think to stay on any diet. She ordered a dinner with all the heart. She was quick enough to have coped with a huge dish of chicken sticks and a plate of a French fries. All of it was "washed" down with two half liter glasses of lager... She couldn't get enough talking with the young man as she stayed in the restaurant for all four hours. After all has been eaten, young people sat at an empty table the rest of the time...

They didn't move even when boarding was called for. There was only 20 minutes left before the flight. Finally they managed to leave the restaurant to get some fresh air. This friend carried Lena's bag, then gently put his arm around her and began to whisper something to her ear and to stroke her. Lena melted...

There was 15 minutes left before the flight when young people went for boarding.

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