The secret of song Lyudi-Invalidy has been revealed

Time of publication: 11.06.2005 (14:54)
The appeared on the Internet demo version of supposedly new t.A.T.u. song Lyudi-Invalidy caused bewilderment among fans and gave reasons for newspapers to announce that the song had already leaked out. Fans have still been in a sort of confusion after having had listened to the leaked demo version because the vocal parts were hardly sung by t.A.T.u.

The situation could remain unclear if the official t.A.T.u. representatives didn't announce that the title of the new album would be Lyudi-Invalidy, which has been under recording at The Village Studios in Los Angeles for several months now. To the question, whether the demo track had anything to do with the new t.A.T.u album, the administration of the group's official site said "No" – it was only a unique coincidence.

A unique coincidence could without any doubt occur if we were speaking about such titles as All My Love or My Love, or anything totally common and trivial. As we all know, there's no smoke without fire. After an investigation with the help of close to the group sources we could state that the demo track had a direct connection to the second album of t.A.T.u. The final version of the song can, of course, undergo some changes. Both lyrics and arrangements can be polished and altered as it often happens at final stages of track recording and mastering; but the demo is the track which was brought by t.A.T.u. to Los Angeles.

A few details around the text could be interesting too. The original lyrics honour bombing of Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki and speak about people who suffered from radiation. The song is written in a typical t.A.T.u style, where it's possible to give more than one interpretation of its contents.

Source: (by materials of Trash Man)
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