The Tatu girls will reunite once again

Time of publication: 15.06.2005 (01:47)
Having arrived in Moscow two weeks ago, Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina managed to accomplish a whole deal of work in their home land. Their appearance on the Muz-TV Awards set off a chain of sensational articles in the Russian press. Nevertheless, the duo has no time to enjoy the summer sun; they still must complete at least one more round of recording sessions. As we have already mentioned, the Russian version of their second album Lyudi-Invalidy is yet to be finished.

That was the reason which brought Lena Katina back to Los Angeles, having left the second half of the duo in Moscow, so that Yulia could spend a few more days with her lovely daughter. To her greatest disappointment, the approximate dates of the album release have forced Yulia to leave her family again. The tickets for the Moscow-LA flight are dated for tomorrow (June, 15). Thus tomorrow, Tatu will reunite once more on American soil.

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