Tatu don't need fans any more

Time of publication: 18.06.2005 (20:49)
Last night, official representatives of group Tatu on the internet resigned from their positions. The story goes back to last week where Tatu's press-attachй expressed a clear protest against freedom of fansites to publish material such as rumours, information provided by unnoficial sources and any information regarding demo recordings. The official forum was resticted to similar limits. That was the last drop that forced administration to resign last night.

Thus, unofficial sites are preparing now a petition of protest against policies of the official site. The petition will be sent to Universal Music Russia authorities. The main reason of our concerns is the fact of rude, irresponsible and unprofessional approach that discredits importance of PR, interest and dynamics provided by fansites and admirers of the group. As it seems, passionate fans' efforts are of no importance to Tatu's administration any more.

P.S. More details to come.

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