Yulia abandoned her daughter and her boyfriend

Time of publication: 21.06.2005 (19:25)
As we have already written, Lena Katina left for LA to complete all work for the second album. Her colleague Yulia Volkova was flown to the States a few days later. Her little daughter Vika and her boyfriend Pasha Sidorov stayed in Moscow. Yulia was seen off by an effective ca. 35 years of age dark haired man. Having noticed photographers, the couple hurried to hide at the check-in stand. No one could get any clearance who the man was and what his name was, as Expess Gazeta reports.

New producer Boris Rensky prefers not to talk about the private life of his "kid". "We can't speak about either Yulia or her private plans until this fall. That's our policy. When the album, which is being recorded by the girls in America, will be ready – then we'll be open for press. I can't tell the exact release date. The release could happen in the beginning or at the end of September".

They say that Yulia doesn't live with the father of her daughter any longer. "She left him – showed him to the door, says Yulia's grandmother. – Yes, I suppose she had her reasons though it's not my business. I'd rather meet my grand grand daughter". It seems strange that Yulia hadn't showed the girl to her grand parents yet. They hope that upon Yulia's return from America she'd pay a visit so they would be able to meet the girl.

"Paul lives together with his mom and sister at the moment", - says a mutual friend to Yulia and Pasha. – He doesn't see Yulia any more. I don't know if he's got another girlfriend but he sees nether Yulia not Nastya Lazunina, whom he left in favour of Yulia. That's for sure. Nastya is still living at her parent's house. She got a job at the store and takes care of her daughter Dasha – a result of love between Pasha and Nastya. Dasha is 2 years old now.

It was Yulia's father, who threw Psha out of the house. The conflict started when Sidorov began to behave impudently. He was rude with Yulia's parents. When Oleg Viktorovich showed Pasha at the door, Yulia didn't have any objections".

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