Group Tatu to prepare for release of an album

Time of publication: 23.06.2005 (22:04)
Finally! Promo campaign for the second Tatu album has officially started in Los Angeles this Friday!

Friday, 18 June At 12 a.m. Tatu come to the Interscope office, where the company organizes the first photo-session. Lena and Yulia give Interscope a short "private" interview after shooting. The recording label will use all the materials of the meeting in creating posters, album design and different promo-stuff. After the afternoon with Interscope Tatu go to another part of the city through Los-Angeles traffic jams. The American band (piano, bass-guitar, drums), with whom Tatu performed at the times of the first album, is already waiting for them. A little rehearsal is "a must" for the duo: it's important to understand how good the musicians feel the singers after a long break in joint live performing. And it turns out – the feel Tatu! The rehearsal goes with drive and thrill. Lena and Yulia immediately get in the rhythm and the mood and sing "All The Things She Said", "Show Me Love" and… "All About Us", new album's song, without warming up. This singing on a spur of the moment turns out to be so cool! (isn't it always this way with improvised stuff?)

Sunday, 20 June

From Thursday to Saturday Mandy Line, a stylist and a costume designer assistant in about twenty Hollywood movies, has been searching Los Angeles fashion shops for the clothes and accessories preparing for the major photo-session on Thursday, June 23. And today she, together with Interscope representatives, goes to the hotel, where Tatu are staying, so that the girls could try on all the stuff Mandy bought. Everybody arrives at Fairmont Miramar –Santa Monica hotel at 4:30 p.m. American show-biz stylists never take stars shopping with them, so Mandy's choice is totally surprising for Lena and Yulia. Tatu are trying on clothes at the hotel's conference hall (classical presentation with demonstration!) since there's no other large room to do it. Everybody's watching the process closely. The "fashion show" lasts for 1,5 hours. At the end Tatu come up with clothes for 7 photo sets!

Monday, June 21

… But even a professional stylist doesn't hit the target all 100%, and Yulia and Lena decide to shop themselves for the photo-session at the 3rd Street, Santa Monica. This is the first thing they do Monday morning. Now almost every day starting from about 5 p.m. Tatu are at the Village studio "polishing" some Russian vocal parts. Upcoming album release makes the schedule tougher and tougher – and even tougher than that! Besides, June 23 is approaching – the day of the big photo-session. Yulia and Lena will have to wake up at four o'clock in the morning that day! Advertising photographer Phil Mucci, known for his one-of-a-kind photo-collages and for his photos of Garbage, Christina Aguilera, Rancid and many others, is going to work with Tatu The photo-session will last for 18 hours. There will be 3 location changes. The idea of the photo-session complies with the spirit of the album's international name "Dangerous and Moving". The shooting will take place at Los-Angeles' most extreme places.

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