In July group Tatu will shoot two new videos

Time of publication: 09.07.2005 (00:49)
Having watched 20 DVDs with music videos of all Hollywood directors Tatu and their creative team chose the one who will shoot the future videos on the songs "All About Us" and "Ludi-Invalidi"! The shooting is close at hand - it will take place in July. Also in the final post-production stage Caresse Henry, one of the top experts in show-biz management, joins Tatu team. 13 years of working as Madonna's personal manager – you just can't help becoming an expert! By the way, even though the girls infinitely love all their fans, Yulia and Lena have special feeling towards their fans in Russia. Exclusively for them Tatu release the first Russian single with the original video only in Russia and nowhere else.

The fans from the rest of the world will be able to see the video and listen to the song much later. Russian version is the basic one, just like it was with the debut album, and it significantly differs from the international version.

Moreover, the song "She Loves Me", that is included in both Russian and international versions of the album only in English, will have a different, "Russian", arrangement in the Russian version. In the international version of the album the arrangement style is drawn towards western pop-rock, and Russian arrangement sounds more dramatic and sad. But hopefully, not just fans from Russia, but everybody will be able to appreciate both song's arrangements.

Source: Official site
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