Tatu create a song of repentance for their Japanese fans

Time of publication: 14.07.2005 (22:34)
It emerged on the 13th that the chaotic Russian duo Tatu are going to record a message for their Japanese fans in the form of their new album, which is due to be launched this autumn. According to insiders, the title is "I'm Sorry Japan". Apparently, it is a song of repentance, apologising to everyone in Japan.

When Tatu first came to Japan in June 2003, they abruptly cancelled their appearance on the TV Asahi show Music Station in the middle of the live broadcast, causing a huge problem. Although it was at the instruction of their producer at the time, Ivan Shapovalov, the girls' image in Japan became very bad as a result.

Last year they sent Ivan packing and apparently they are now creating a song that expresses their sense of repentance to their Japanese fans. It would appear that they have decided that it would be wise to take action themselves, given that Japan is the second-biggest market in the world and one in which their first album Tatu sold 1.8 million copies.

One half of the duo, Yulia gave birth to a baby girl in September last year. Since the end of January this year, the girls have been recording in Los Angeles.

Source: Sankei Sports (Thanks to LenochkaO)
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