Track-lists of both Russian and international albums

Time of publication: 19.08.2005 (03:28)
Release dates of the album "Ludi Invalidi" ("Dangerous And Moving" is the name of CD's international version) are approaching at risky speed.

In Japan, the release of the single "All About Us" is set for September, 1. In Russia and in the rest of the world the release of singles "All About Us" and "Ludi Invalidi" will be in the middle of September. On October, 5 Japanese fans will be able to enjoy the whole album. October, 10 is the album release date for Russia and 40 more countries and October, 11 is the release date for the US (interestingly, according to the tradition of American music industry albums are usually released on Tuesday).

September, 11 Tatu go on European promo-tour. Lena and Yulia will visit about 10 countries. In the nearest future the promo-tour schedule will be available on our website.

Track-lists of both Russian and international albums:

Ludi Invalidi

1. Ludi Invalidi (Intro)
2. Novaya Model
3. Obezyanka Nol
4. Loves Me Not
5. Kosmos
6. Ti Soglasna
7. Nichya
8. Vsya Moya Lubov
9. All About Us
10. Shto Ne Hvataet
11. Ludi Invalidi

Dangerous and Moving

1. Dangerous And Moving (Intro)
2. All About Us
3. Cosmos (Outer Space)
4. Loves Me Not
5. Friend Or Foe
6. Gomenasai
7. Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have)
8. Sacrifice
9. We Shout
10. Perfect Enemy
11. Obezyanka Nol
12. Dangerous and Moving

This week make sure you don't miss the fresh photos from the video shooting and comments of James Cox, the director of both videos. He will share his impressions from the work with Lena and Yulia!

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