Single "All About Us" is already on radio stations through out the world

Time of publication: 21.08.2005 (03:40)
Universal/Interscope has completed the first round of the All About Us promotional campaign. The promotional CD has been shipped off to various radio stations in Europe and the rest of the world. The CD includes original version of the song plus four remixes at the DJ's choice. The promotional package includes an info-sheet with the dates of release in corresponding country.


1. Dave Aude Big Mixshow (5.33)
2. Stephane K Extended Mix (6.24)
3. Glam As You Mix By Guena LG (6.26)
4. Dave's Acid Funk Dub (8.17)
5. Single Version (3.02)

Comments of the radio-associate:

1. Dave Aude Big Mixshow – full vocal, racey and quite edgy in a kind of a rocky/trancey style - criminally, they've dropped those fantastic strings, but there are plenty of orchestral 'stabs' to give it a sense of being 'action-packed' and 'in your face'.
2. Stephane K Extended Mix – is a little drab, but does retain the strings - sadly, as it's massively short of vocals (just the odd snippet here and there), it's unplayable.
3. Glam As You Mix By Guena LG – is full vocal, not too disimilar to the Dave Aude intrepretation - again quite rocky/trancey, and it does retain the strings, but isn't quite so much in your face - still good, tho'...
4. Dave's Acid Funk Dub – is, as you'd expect, very low on vocals, but has a kinda cutting edge feel to it - it's alright.

Source: (by materials of Timothy, UK)
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