The cover of Dangerous and Moving – opinions divided

Time of publication: 21.08.2005 (19:50)
Last week, Universal Music Poland and the official site of the group, revealed the cover of the forthcoming international version of the new Tatu album Dangerous and Moving. The cover features highway with Yulia and Lena standing on it and a print of a corpse lying on the road. A yellow and black zebra ribbon contains the title of the album.

Such an extraordinary graphic solution caused a lively discussion among Tatu fans. The polls run by several Tatu-related sites showed that far from all fans liked such a design for the long awaited album of their favourite artists.

According to the polls of and, more than half of the members who voted expressed their negative opinion.

Poll results: positive – 11%, negative – 79% positive – 34%, negative – 38%

Source: (by data from and discussion boards)
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