Dangerous and Moving Album Details

Time of publication: 22.08.2005 (22:50)'s acquired some of the credits/authors of the new songs on the English Album:

1. Dangerous And Moving (Intro) (-)
2. All About Us (B. Steinberg, J. Alexander, J. Origliasso, L. Origliasso)
3. Cosmos (Outer Space) (Alexandrovski L, Martin Kierszenabum, Valery Polienko, Sergey Galoyan)
4. Loves Me Not (Slava Katsev)
5. Friend Or Foe (Martin Kierszenbaum, Dave Stewart)
6. Gomenasai (-)
7. Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have) (Trevor Horn)
8. Sacrifice (Sergey Galoyan, Martin Kierszenbaum)
9. We Shout (Alexandfrovski L, Martin Kierszenbaum, Nekkermann, Valeri Polienko)
10. Perfect Enemy (Sergey Galoyan, Martin Kierszenbaum, Peter Right)
11. Obezyanka Nol (A. Pokutny, V. Adarichev, Valeri Polienko)
12. Dangerous and Moving (Alexandrovski L, Martin Kierszenabum, Valery Polienko, Ivan Shapovolov)

Basically, we have further confirmation that the demo we have for "Lyudi-Invalidy" is indeed the basis for the song to be on the album and that "Dangerous and Moving" is the english version of that song. It also shows that "We Shout" is the english version of a Russian song, presumeably either "Nichya" or "Ty Soglansna." Since neither "Friend or Foe" or "Sacrifice" or "Perfect Enemy" have Russian author credits for Lyrics sees that these songs were not based off of Russian Songs. As well, according to Sergei Galoyan's official forum two of the songs had different titles "Reach Out (We Shout)" and "Wrap It Up (Perfect Enemy)."

Special thanks to Tatutaty
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