All About Us is already in clubs

Time of publication: 25.08.2005 (03:33)
DJ's throughout the world received a double promo-vinyl with All About Us remixes. Now the single started to play on the dance floor too. Fans that attended night clubs were pleasantly surprised to hear techno-versions of the song.

"Oh my God! I was about to flip out! I ran in circles and screamed like crazy in the club. It was such a surprise for me!" – says one of the fans.

Tracklist of the promo-vinyl:

1. Dave Dub Big Room Vocal
2. Dave's Acid Funk Dub
3. Stephane K Extended Mix
4. Dave Aude Big Mixshow
5. The Lovemakers Mix
6. Dave Aude Big Club Dub

Even a more extensive promo CD had been distributed to DJ's in the United States and Latin America which includes 13 remixes of All About Us.


1. Dave and Big Room Vocal
2. Dave Aude Vocal Edit
3. Dave Aude Big Club Dub
4. Dave Aude Big Mixshow
5. Dave's Acid Funk Dub
6. Stephane K Radio Mix
7. Stephane K Extended Mix
8. Stephane K Guitar Dub Mix
9. The Lovermakers Mix
10. Glam as you mix by Guaena LG
11. Glam as you radio mix by Guaena LG
12. Sunset in Ibiza Mix by Guena LG
13. Sunset in Ibiza Radio Mix by Guaena LG

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