Details of shootings "All About Us" and "Ludi Invalidi" videos

Time of publication: 27.08.2005 (00:14)
Music video "All About Us"

The beginning of the video is shot in a little Korean restaurant in Los Angeles, half of which is rented and the other half continues serving its guests. The video episode is shot in the daytime, but the windows are covered with panels to create the evening lighting. At the beginning of the episode Lena and Yulia can’t act out a quarrel and many takes are done while shooting the scene. They drink water, of course. Lena drives away in Chevrolet Camaro, the model produced back in 60-s.

There has been a discussion among the fans about Yulia's words that she’s saying to the tattooed guy in the uncensored version of the video. Here’s the clue. Yulia follows her usual recognizable style – "Poshel na h**!" ("F**k you!") But the word "poshel" is edited out, so only the last part of the phrase remains.

Music video "Ludi Invalidi"

One of the episodes was shot in the Los Angeles side street that is a life and hang-out place of the homeless. The latter were asked to leave the side street for the time of shooting. But the place stank so much that it had to be washed with chlorinated water under high pressure. After the side street smelled more or less ok, another difficulty emerged: part of the crew appeared to be very sensitive to chlorine and had to wear respirators till the end of the shooting.

The final scene of All About Us video was also shot at this side street. In the background you can see the stairs that Yulia uses to escape her new tattooed acquaintance. By the way, the tattoos were fake. The artist was panting the actor for the whole day.

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