Universal Music worldwide received Dangerous And Moving promotional album

Time of publication: 27.08.2005 (01:19)
This week, Universal Music departments worldwide received the promo-CD of the new Tatu album Dangerous And Moving. The promo-CD is a prototype of the upcoming album and includes 13 tracks:

1. Dangerous and Moving (Intro)
2. All About Us
3. Cosmos (Outer Space)
4. Loves Me Not
5. Friend Or Foe
6. Gomenasai
7. Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have)
8. Sacrifice
9. We Shout
10. Perfect Enemy
11. Obezyanka Nol
12. Dangerous and Moving

The main surprise of the second Tatu album after 200km/h In A Wrong Lane, is an absolute absence of songs in Russian language. Despite of the fact that Cosmos and Obezyanka Nol are originally Russian titles, they are recorded and appear on the album in English too.

All material of the upcoming album is brand new. The songs have a typical Tatu-style but sound very up-to-date and have heavier arrangements. The song Loves Me Not may become an unexpected hit. Russian composer Slava Katsev from Chelyabinsk wrote this song back in Podnebesnaya. The demo recording of this song was made in Moscow during Ivan Shapovalov’s era as Tatu’s producer.

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