All About Us: Remixes, Single release details

Time of publication: 27.08.2005 (14:16)
Tatu's new single had been sent to radios in Europe during August and should get heavy rotations considering its efficiency. The video is wicked and draws attention. Same for the album "Dangerous and Moving" released on 10 October.

Remixes details

Good news about the remixes, the two made by French DJ and the show owner in Paris Guena LG have been approved by the management. The first one "Glam As You Mix" is very dance and upbeat, close to the original version (as far as guitar sounds are concerned), the second one "Sunset In Ibiza Mix" starts very "lounge" and evolves to a deep house/Balearic house sound.

Releases of All Abut Us

It's now a bit clearer: there is a US Promo CD Maxi Single with all the remixes. A Limited Edition Promo CD (300 copies) including all versions of the song will be made for France in the coming weeks. As for public releases, the UK will get two different CD Maxi Singles and also one DVD single. In France, one CD Single and two CD Maxi Singles will be released. The CD Maxi Single Part. 1 will include the original version, an exclusive version, the short version of Stephane K's remix, and the music video. The CD Maxi Single Part. 2 - The Remixes will include all the club remixes.

Source: (by material of Guena LG official site)
Special thanks to haku
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