Tatu to make 4th Visit to Japan in October!

Time of publication: 01.09.2005 (15:43)
It emerged on 31st August that the chaotic Russian duo Tatu will make their fourth visit to Japan in October; it is two years since their last visit. Yulia and Lena have planned their itinerary in line with the launch of their album Dangerous and Moving and have told their Japanese record company that, "Our fans in Japan have energy. We will definitely go." The final adjustments to their schedule are now being made.

In an interview with our Japanese staff in Russia, Lena made the revealing comment, "We are dangerous beings. Take great care when dealing with us." Yulia, who became a single mother last year, apparently said, "We have the image of being scandalous, but we do not act this way deliberately. We are just expressing our true selves." In any event, it is two years since that stramash. They are bound to be the focus of attention during this visit too.

Incidentally, their single All About Us, which went on sale on 1st September at a price of 500 yen, has been selected as the theme tune of Nippon Television's variety programme "Bakusho Mondai no Susume", starting from 7th October. The new album also contains the song of repentance aimed at Japan, Gomenasai, which was arranged by Richard Carpenter.

Source: Nikkan Sports
Special thanks to LenochkaO
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