Tracklist of "Dangerous and Moving" in Japan: 3 extra tracks

Time of publication: 04.09.2005 (14:42)
Tracklist of the Japanese release of album "Dangerous And Moving" has become available. This edition will include 15 tracks. International version of the album is announced to contain 12 tracks only.

Tracklist of the Japanese edition:

1 Dangerous And Moving
2 All About Us
3 Cosmos (Outer Space)
4 Loves Me Not
5 Friend Or Foe
6 Gomenasai
7 Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have)
8 Sacrifice
9 We Shout
10 Perfect Enemy
11 Obeziаnka Nol
12 Dangerous And Moving
13 Vsya Moya Lubov
14 Lyudi Invalidi
15 Divine

More over, Japanese release offers a limited edition of the album, which includes a DVD (CD BonusTrack + DVD).

The album is set for the release in Japan on October, 5.

Source: (by materials of HMV Japan)
Special thanks to Сada
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