A promo campaign took place in Russia

Time of publication: 09.09.2005 (17:33)
The events of the last two weeks have been preparing Tatu for the European promo-tour: Lena and Yulia had about ten photo sessions, gave more than twenty interviews to the Russian (MK-Boulevard, MK-Sunday, Izvestiya, Noviye Izvestiya, Elle-girl, Glamour, Komsomolskaya Pravda, that ran half-fake interview, Rossiiskaya Gazeta, AiF, Teens, Time Out, Molotok, Rolling Stone, Play, Bravo, Cool, MTV, MUZ-TV), American (Blender), German (Bravo, TRL) and Japanese mass media, recorded unbelievable amount of radio IDs and… decided to have a few-day break before the trip. Lena is staying in Moscow with her friends, and Julia left for the US, from where she is flying directly to Barcelona.

Source: Official Site
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