Promo-tour: Tatu in Barcelona (Spain)

Time of publication: 14.09.2005 (03:14)
The big European promo has been launched! On 11-th of September Lena and Yulia departed from Moscow and Los Angeles to gather in Barcelona. During the 3 following weeks Tatu will meet major mass-media agencies representatives and European fans and will rock several clubs with their new hits.

11 September

Lena comes up to the airport with straightened hair and a thick Feuchtwanger's "Goya" book in her hands. In case you don't know – it is a kind of harlequin novel, something romantic and historic. "Goya" is Lena's hand-luggage on the Moscow-Barcelona flight. Flight takes about 4 hours. Lena reads and sleeps. Sleeps off, to be more precise. Little has changed since the days of last promo-tours: the very first duty after landing is to call mom.

Lena: ...Mum, greetings to you from Seryozha, from security... And from Igor! ... And you too!

Lena's cellphone rings in trills of laughter, and this laughter is our companion all the way to hotel.

Roman, Sven and Troy – musicians who are to play with Tatu in this promo – come to hotel Hesperia Presidente after Lena does. Everyone came from the US. Everyone but not everything – Sven's keyboard is lost. We are trying hard to find new keyboard for there's a rehearsal taking place tonight. We also meet Neil at the hotel, he is Universal's manager who's going to work with Tatu during the promo-tour.

Neil: Everybody says that Barcelona and Rome are the most posh cities in Europe. And also... no, that's all, Barcelona and Rome.

It is summer in Barcelona still. This means heat, palm-trees, camisoles and sandals. Yulia is to arrive at 15:30, flight from Paris. There's no "visual contact" with her for a long time, and when this finally happens it turns out that "star's" luggage had shared the same fate as keyboard – it didn't make it. Yulia walks dressed in a striped singlet and a suntan from beaches of Los Angeles, and she is very indignant. But (how does she manage to be???) smiling as usually.
Yulia: F***, I new that, I new I was about to be left without luggage. No clothes now, so what is to be worn?! I hate wearing the same things... That's it, tomorrow I'll go shopping instead of all those interviews!

It is good that Neil does not speak Russian: Yulia's words do sound serious.

In the evening everyone goes for rehearsal in a small studio where the team members get their plays matched to each other during about an hour. Everything sounds good. "Perfecto". Only Yulia sometimes gets tangled in English "Cosmos" lyrics. Girls are planning to include this song into their G-A-Y performance program.

Yulia: No, print me the text again, I'll learn. I will have learned everything. Give it to me today – tomorrow morning I'll know it.

The first day ends up with late supper in a big Spanish ‘eating station'. Lena is eating soup (she can't live without a soup) while Yulia is eating some meat. Also Lena translates menu to the bodyguards – Igor and Sergey. Dessert time is close at hand, Yulia gets her digicam and shows everyone Vika's pictures while smiling in a quite "not Yulia's" way. Vika looks like she-robber and hooligan. Daughter of her parents.

12 september

"Mission goals" in total: 15 interviews and 3 shootings. The word "huge" corresponding to the circulation and popularity of engaged mass-media can be seen many times on hardcopy of tour-plan today. But the "mission" is still not "initiated" – Yulia rejects black bob-styled wig.

Yulia: Just look at this f*****g s**t. No, I don't. I feel myself like granny who's got no hair! There was my hair in the video, not a wig!

Finally Yulia agrees to put on the wig but just only for the time shootings, and girls walk downstairs to the conference hall in house slippers (!!). Tatu are giving interviews all day long, at the moments of breaks Yulia uses to take her wig off and put it on everyone who's being spotted by her big blue eyes. After all this Lena is staying to read Feuchtwanger at the hotel, and Yulia whose luggage has not still arrived is out for the new one...

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