Tatu to Visit Japan on 10th October

Time of publication: 03.10.2005 (18:19)
It emerged on the 2nd that the Russian duo Tatu will appear on the TBS programme Utaban (Thursdays at 19:54). The two girls are due to come to Japan on the 10th to publicise their new album and record an appearance on this programme on the 11th. They will talk to the two presenters, Takaaki Ishibashi (43) and SMAP's Masahiro Nakai (33), and sing their new song All About Us.

When they came to Japan in 2003, they suddenly cancelled their appearance on the live programme Music Station on TV Asahi. The coming appearance will be recorded, but the date on which it will be broadcast will not be decided until after the recording, just in case of any problems.

It has been decided that they will play a live gig in front of 200 fans at club asia in Tokyo's Shibuya district. Their song of repentance to Japan, Gomenasai, is also due to be performed here. For enquiries about tickets, visit

Source: Nikkan Sports
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