Tatu in Tokyo

Time of publication: 09.10.2005 (21:04)
Lena and Yulia stay at ANA Hotel Tokyo (12-33, Akasaka 1-chome, Minatoku). All Sunday Lena and Yulia will rest and enjoy the city.

Their promo-programme will include:
Interviews for Japanese media - (MTV Japan, TV Asahi, NTV, TV show Utaban at TBS Tv.
On October 12th, Tatu will meet their fans. Yulia and Lena will answer fans' questions and sing a few songs from the "Dangerous and Moving" album.

Details on Utaban show:
The show is hosted by Japanese celebrities - Takaaki Ishibashi and Masahiro Nakai. The show will be recorded on October 11th. At 11.00 Tatu leave hotel and arrive at Zepp Tokyo Venue, where the girls will record their performance for the show. The interview will be recorded at TBS Sudios the same afternoon at 17.30.

Attention! All local times maybe slightly moved due to some minor changes in the programme.

It's not 100% confirmed where Lena and Yulia will go after Japan, but on October, 20 they return to Moscow for presentation of the album "Ludi Invalidi".

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