Tatu arrived to Japan with "Gomenasai"

Time of publication: 12.10.2005 (03:34)
The Russian female duo Tatu arrived in Japan on the 9th to promote their album. The airport security limited entrance inside the building anticipating chaotic situation with journalists and fans. Luckily such measures didn't need to be fully applied. Yulia and Lena were in good spirits after stepping off the plane at Narita Airport and said in Japanese "Arigatou" (thank you) and "Gomen nasai" (sorry). Finally, they repeated the words "gomen nasai" three times. During their first visit to Japan in 2003, they caused chaos by walking out of the TV Asahi programme Music Station during the middle of a live broadcast, but Yulia stressed that, "This time we won't do it. We've become adults."

We remind you that Tatu's new album was released in Japan on the 5th of October. Today it stays as #10 in the weekly sales chart. Team of experts considers it to be a successful start and therefore greets Tatu with such an excellent beginning of their promo-tour in Japan.

Source: (by materials of the Japanese press)
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