Los Angeles is next for Tatu

Time of publication: 12.10.2005 (16:37)
The short promo-tour to Japan is at its end for Tatu. Yesterday, they recorded a performance and an interview for Utaban show. They arrived at their dressing room bang on time, began recording their song at 13:00 and then recorded the chat part of the program at 18:40, just like model students.

The two girls appeared in the same sexy costumes that they wore for the video of their new single All About Us and took part in an interview with the hosts Takaaki Ishibashi and SMAP's Masahiro Nakai. When Nakai said "We're begging you, please don't leave halfway through.", Yulia (20) responded, "Unfortunately, the last time it turned out like that, but it's OK. Precisely because we respect Japan, this time we are doing our best."

Today, the two girls will perform a mini-concert for just 300 fans in Tokyo's Shibuya district. On the 13th, they will go to Los Angeles to record a promotional video. The promo-tour to Israel, scheduled for October 14-16 may therefore be off.

Source: (by materials of the Japanese media)
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