Bryan Adams had a photoshoot with Tatu

Time of publication: 18.10.2005 (17:09)
October 1, on the last day of the European promo-tour, Bryan Adams, worldly known as a musician and unknown to most people as a fashion-photographer, had a photo shoot with Tatu.

Adams doesn't like to talk about his interest in photography. That's why few know that he's been in photography for the last twenty years. For the girls Bryan's hobby was a revelation as well.

That day Tatu were to perform at Glam As You party, and to give them a break before the show, it was decided to start shooting at 5 am.

The location was Bryan's personal Paris apartment that he'd recently got. At that moment the apartment was a space prepared to be reconditioned: bare rooms that looked like boxes, dust, plaster, building materials scattered all over the place. Old computers and monitors were delivered to Adam's place for the set.

The photo shoot lasted till 6 pm. After the shoot the girls went straight to the Club Med World for rehearsal.

The photographs shot by Adams will be used by the record label in promo events of the album "Dangerous and Moving" and "Ludi Invalidi".

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