Tatu are coming back to Moscow

Time of publication: 18.10.2005 (17:29)
The video for "Friend or Foe", the second single from the international album version, has been shot! Today at 6:05 pm Lena and Julia are arriving at Sheremetyevo-2 from Los Angeles to participate in the presentation of the album "Ludi Invalidi" ("Dangerous and Moving").

The presentation takes place October, 21 at 4 pm in the MediaHyperMarket "Soyuz" (Pyatnitskaya Street, 29). The open-air performance planned before is cancelled due to technical issues, but there will be an autograph-session and live performance inside "Soyuz".

At the end of October the second album launch party is being planned.

Tatu's arrival information:

Airline: Aeroflot (Russia)
Flight: SU 322
Airport: Sheremetyevo-2, Moscow
Scheduled: 18.05 (Moscow time)
Expected: 17.50 (Moscow time)

Source: Official Site
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