Tatu’s autograph-session in Moscow

Time of publication: 22.10.2005 (21:50)
Yesterday, October 21, Tatu had a presentation and autograph-session dedicated to the release of their new album "Ludi Invalidi" (Russian version of their international album). Tatu's former concert manager Leonid Dzunik and deputy of Gosduma (Russian parliament) Alexey Mitrofanov were among special guests there. Other than that, more than 300 fans, journalists, reporters and photographers were on the spot.

Yulia and Lena brought their American band with them this time. For Sven, Troy and Roman it's their first visit to Moscow. Thus, as back up band, musicians assisted Lena and Yulia during a mini-gig at the presentation. Tatu performed six songs: "All About Us", "Obezianka Nol", "Ludi Invalidi", "Novaya Model", "Loves Me Not" and their very first hit "Ya Soshla S Uma" (Russian version of "All The Things She Said").

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