Tatu performed at Gaudi Arena

Time of publication: 30.10.2005 (17:45)
A concert-presentation of the new Tatu album "Ludi Invalidi" took place at Gaudi Arena on October, 28. People, who gathered on this cold day at the club, came to personally greet Lena and Yulia with the release of their new album. There were not more people on the floor than in the VIP-zone. Tatu's pictures were hanging all over the place plus TV monitors showing Tatu videos and parts from various Tatu performances placed in the club's labyrinth. Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina showed up among the guests from time to time but tried to stay out of everyone's attention as much as possible and disappeared at once surrounded by their bodyguards. Lena Katina was dressed in a black polo was asked to be photographed by the fans and only answered with mincing manners "Later". Before Tatu showed up on stage, everyone had enough time to learn words of "Ludi Invalidi" by heart as the latter one had been played for about twenty times on the TV-monitors.

Finally, colourful spotlights lit the stage and Tatu-girls jumped out to face the audience. Yulia was noticeable by her green and yellow stockings and a short skirt. Lena was wearing denim jeans and jeans jacket. Three musicians – one drummer, one keyboard player and one guitar player took their positions on stage too. To the regret of the fans the show didn't last long – Tatu sang eight songs all in all. The girls cheered audience in between the songs by shouting "Everything is super!" and "You are all great!"

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