Single "Friend or Foe" is ready for release

Time of publication: 27.11.2005 (03:37)
During the past week, Universal Music shipped off promo-discs of Tatu's second single "Friend or Foe".

The disc includes five remixes of "Friend or Foe" and one album version of the song.

1. Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix
2. L.E.X Massive Club Mix
3. Morel's Pink Noise Mix
4. Glam As You Mix by Guena LG
5. L.E.X Global Oxygen Mix
6. Album Version

It's become known that another edition of the promo-disc includes 13 remixes of "Friend or Foe".

1. Glam As You Radio Edit
2. Glam As You Club Mix
3. Lenny Bertoldo Radio Edit
4. Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix
5. Lenny Bertoldo Dub Mix
6. L.E.X Global Oxygen Edit
7. L.E.X Global Oxygen Club Mix
8. L.E.X Massive Club Edit
9. L.E.X Massive Club Mix
10. L.E.X Massive Dub Mix
11. Morel's Pink Noise Edit
12. Morel's Pink Noise Mix
13. Morel's Pink Noise Dub

According to Unversal Music, the second Tatu's single "Friend or Foe" will be released on December 12 in Finland, Norway, Denmark and on January 16 – in UK.

Special thanks to Tatutaty
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