Tatu ran off to Taiwan

Time of publication: 07.12.2005 (15:58)
The next to the last day of the Brazilian promo-tour turned into the last one for Brazilian Tatu-fans. Initially scheduled to December 7 appearances were moved to the previous day and on the night of December 6, Tatu left for Taiwan. Such a quick escape of the Russian pop-stars to Taiwan made thousands of Brazilian fans disappointed and brought people who followed the group's promo-tour into a sort of bewilderment .

The most unexpected situation of this promo-visit took place on the night of the performance in Urbano club. The club was fully packed with fans and the volume of the playback was clearly above the level suitable for clubs of this size. Because of fallacious volume and Brazilian heat Tatu suffered a general overrun and were forced to be taken care of with a professional medical assistance. As a result, they had to cancel an upcoming appearance at MTV Brazil show DISK. The program presenters excused themselves for Tatu’s cancellation because of bad physical condition of Yulia and Lena. A set of rumours was immediately launched. Some of sources even reported hospitalisation of Lena. To the relief of both Tatu-girls and their fans, everything ended up fine and the mini-gig turned into a success.

Tomorrow at 14.00 Tatu arrive with the flight CX406 to Taipei International airport. Representatives of Taiwan media are expected to cover Tatu’s arrival. After that, Tatu will go for accommodation at Grand Formosa Regent Taipei Hotel.

Special thanks to Brazilady and the official representatives
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