Tatu's on-road adventures

Time of publication: 09.12.2005 (16:26)
Can Tatu do without adventures? No.

The flight San-Paolo – Frankfurt went smoothly not counting the suspiciousness of a flight attendant, who saw Lena and Julia going to the restroom together.

Flight attendants: Excuse me, but what are you going to do there together?
Julia: We do everything together – travel together, live together!
Flight attendant thought for a second and then said politely: Ok, take your time.

At Frankfurt airport it turned out that Julia took a passport without Taiwan visa (for travel conveniences she has two passports), so she was not allowed to the Frankfurt-Honk Kong flight. Only Lena came to Taipei but without her suitcase and spent the evening shopping her new clothing. Later Julia had her passport delivered to her, so she’s arriving Taipei today at 11:20 AM. From the airport Julia will go straight to the press-conference.

December 9 (Friday)
In the morning Lena will give interviews to the journalists from Malaysia (Hot Mag, Hitz Fm) and Indonesia (Rolling Stone, Spice).

At 1:30 PM a one-hour press-conference will start, with about a hundred of representatives of national and regional mass media. At the beginning of the conference Tatu will receive gold record plaque from Universal Music: in Taiwan the album "Dangerous and Moving" has already reached "golden" status – 15,000 copies sold.

After the press conference Tatu will give three more interviews (ERA news, CTI news, UFO radio) and at 5:10 PM they will be the guests in the live entertainment news TVBS-G.

At 7 PM Lena and Julia will have a sound check at the football stadium Chung-Sheng (capacity 30, 000 people). Tomorrow there will be a music happening V-Power, where Tatu are headliners and the only international stars.

December, 10 (Saturday)

They are already meeting with the journalists. Today Lena and Julia will give interviews to Channel V, MTV Korea, MTV Asia, Daum, radio Perfect Ten 98.7FM (Singapore), Teens Magazine (Singapore).

Since yesterday people have been gathering around the venue Chung-Sheng so that they could take best places at the football stadium during Power V festival. At 8:10 PM a 20-minute Tatu set starts. Lena and Julia will sing six songs:

1. All About Us
2. She Loves Me
3. Obezyanka Nol
4. Dangerous and Moving
5. Friend or Foe
6. All The Things She Said

December, 11 (Sunday)

At 1:30 PM Tatu will give interviews to Taiwan radio stations (Wave Radio, Hit FM), and at 2 PM there will be a roundtable with key newspapers and magazines. At 3:30 PM Lena and Julia will have a 1-hour autograph-session at the store of the biggest chain Rose Records (location: Shimenting). The last interview of this promo-tour will be given to the main Taiwan daily magazine Next after returning to the hotel.

On December, 12 at 9:20 AM Tatu are leaving Taipei for Moscow.

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