A school bell for Tatu

Time of publication: 13.12.2005 (22:24)
Upon their return from another global promo-tour of this year Tatu faced reality of everyday life. As Russian Internet site reports, Lena Katina is about to be sent down from the University where she studies psychology. Lena, of course, is not happy to receive such news right before Christmas holidays. Lena’s parents tried to help their daughter and applied for an academic leave. The University administration declined the request stating that Lena has already used such privilege twice.

As we were informed during this time Yulia Volkova is thinking to start her studies too. Her choice could become the faculty of Producing and Management in the show business at the State University of Management. Yulia told multiple times that she wanted to become a producer and two years of studies could give the singer a great theoretical basis. As for the practical part, we all know that Yulia has more of it than it could be required.

Now only time will show if there'll be "a school bell" for Tatu or not.

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