Yulia Volkova will study at the State University of Management

Time of publication: 19.01.2006 (18:22)
Yulia Volkova, a singer from group Tatu, has decided to enroll at the State University of Management (SUM) to study producing. Volkova, who has managed to reach world-wide popularity and give birth to a baby by 20 years old, has decided to seriously take control of her career, and not rely on unpredictable producers. Yulia’s choice to study the basics of copyrights, advertisement and PR in show business, business planning of music projects and the organization of promo-campaigns at SUM was influenced by the suggestion of her colleagues, who in fact lecture in this particular department. Among them, for example, is Sergei Bobza, who represents the "Copyrights in music industry" discipline. He is famous in our country as the leading artist in show business, and was in the past the director of legal matters at Ivan Shapovalov’s producing center, with whom Yulia met several times while working with her ex-producer. Yulia met with several representatives of this profession during the course of her career - such as Artem Troitskyi, Fedor Bondarchuk, Iosif Prigozhin, and Yuryi Aksyuta – and rightfully sees them as the great minds of national music industry, and the only people in the country that could teach the intricacies of the work involved in being a producer and an artist.

She was also attracted to the opportunity to be taught by foreign professionals, such as Bel Brown – producer of Boy George, who was especially invited to the SUM to lecture on "The structure of foreign show business". After this, Yulia Volkova plans to take part in an intern program at one of the Western music-recording companies, which is offered by the management of the facility to make sure of successful management of Tatu in the West.

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